NuDye is part of the Pacen family of companies.  A global leader in textile development and manufacturing that was originally established in 2000.  In collaboration with Pacific Century, we have created a vertically integrated company that is revolutionizing the supply chain industry through innovative services and solutions.  Aside from our profound commitment to innovation, what distinguishes us from all others in the industry is the high degree of flexibility and scalability that our vertical provides. Which is unparalleled in our industry.

With the ordination of Pacen in 2023, we have assembled and fully integrated an extensive network of mills, raw material fabricators, factories, and logistics hubs that extend into numerous continents around the globe.

At Pacen, we place a paramount importance on value and culture,  consistently seeking to provide value to our stakeholders in every interaction.  Since 2000, we have experienced remarkable growth, evolving from a humble startup focused on trading knick-knacks from China to the West, to a multinational corporation that manages intricate supply chains for global brands and retailers. Throughout the years, we have diligently cultivated networks and fostered enduring relationships with our valued stakeholders.

Despite significant changes and disruptions, innovation and creativity remain the driving forces behind our business. We consistently explore novel approaches to enhance value for our customers, suppliers, shareholders, and the communities we serve.

Our vision is clear yet ambitious – we aim to establish supply chains of the future while empowering our customers to navigate today’s evolving digital economy.

We are currently experiencing an era of rapid and exponential change. The convergence of various technologies has significantly transformed the dynamics between consumers and businesses. Our strategic approach is centered around agility, innovation, and the digitalization of our supply chain, all while keeping our core purpose at the forefront of our actions.

The Nu Way to Sustainability

100 billion articles of clothing are made every year. This comes at a huge cost to the environment, from the raw materials used to the industrial processes that support production. With NuDye, we are helping change the paradigm.

We offer a radically different solution that entirely cuts out the use of harsh chemistry and leads to huge environmental savings, while meeting all key industry standards.